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Our Flowers


All our flowers are grown in tune with the seasons. Our flowers are grown in the open paddock, they change with the seasons and within the seasons at the whim of mother nature. Each year our cut flower season begins in October with the blooming of our beautiful fragrant roses and ends in April as the days cool towards mid autumn and our roses slow down preparing for their winter rest.  


Local flowers are good for people, the environment and the local economy. Growing and selling our flowers locally means we pick to order early the morning you buy them, so you get the freshest flowers with really low flower miles that last longer in the vase. Our flowers are warmed by the sun, enjoy natural rainfall, are pollinated by insects which are in turn eaten by our thriving bird population, they are truly a part of our local ecosystem.  We are a small family farm, we choose to employ local people and buy our farm supplies from other local businesses thereby supporting our local community and economy.   


Sustainability is is not a buzz word for us, its a core value of our business and lifestyle. Every decision made in the growing and selling of our flowers is underpinned by our desire to live lightly on this earth. Take our bouquets (right) as an example: paddock grown flowers suited to our extreme temperate climate, grown organically in healthy soils , then harvested fresh the day you purchase them from the farm or a local market, lovingly wrapped using post consumer recycled paper, stamped with a resuable stamp and tied with ethically sourced jute string. This means not only do you take home a beautiful bouquet of fragrant flowers but it has used minimal resources to grow and be packaged and is 100% compostable so it can be returned to the soil in your garden to nourish the next generation of flowers.

We are committed to sustainable floristry practices. We do not use floral foam or any single use plastic items in our floristry, instead we make beautiful bouquets that can be displayed in a vase or are provided in a repurposed glass jar that can be used again and again. For custom or larger event arrangements we use traditional floristry methods used by our grandparents before the invention of floral foam.  

Fresh flower care

To give you the longest vase life our flowers are picked fresh, to order, usually early in the morning on the day you buy them. 

Here are some futher tips for getting the longest vase life from your flowers:

  • Fill a clean vase with cool clean water, top up water frequently and replace evry 1 to 2 days.
  • Cut the flower stems with a pair of clean sharp secateurs on an angle before placing in the vase. Repeat when you change the water.
  • Keep flowers in a cool place away from direct sunlight, draughts and ripening fruit.
  • Some flowers last longer than others, as flowers begin to wilt, carefully remove the deadheads to continue to enjoy the flowers that are still blooming.

When your bouquet is finished please compost it. Jars can be reused again and again before recycling.

Everlasting flower care

Our everlasting flowers and wreaths are handcrafted and one of a kind, if well cared for they will bring you and your family joy for many years. 

Wreath care tips:

  • Avoid direct sunlight, sunlight can and will bleach blooms rapidly.
  • Display and store in a dry area with minimal air moisture. A pantry is ideal for storage.
  • Store in the box provided to prevent damage to fragile flowers and leaves.
  • Avoid high heat. Store at room temperature not in a hot shed or garage, again a pantry is ideal. 
  • To keep your wreath looking fresh, dust with a hair dryer set to the lowest, coolest setting. 

Our wreaths are completely natural and at the end of their lives can be composted.