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About Us

Who are we?

Indigo Rose Farm is a family owned and operated farm,  Cassie, Julian, our son Toby and our cheeky dog Tux are the faces behind the flowers. 

We are both the product of generations of farmers and gardeners, we share very strong memories of helping our parents mulch our respective large country gardens. The smell of fermenting arborist mulch on a crisp autumn morning is one we find comforting. Toby is now building memories of his own as he helps us around the farm.    

With a farmer florist grandfather and parents that love native plants so much they named both their children after them, an off farm career in natural resource management combined with a love of  fragrant roses and a strong desire to do more in the face of climate change it almost seems inevitable that Cassie’s path would lead to channeling her knowledge and passion for seasonal, organic and regenerative farming into a flower farm. Or perhaps as Julian suggests, was it just that Cassie ran out of room in the veggie garden for roses?

We are open by appointment only as our farm is also our home.

Our farm

Our farm is nestled in the lower slopes of the Chiltern Mount Pilot National Park near Chiltern in North East Victoria. We are custodians to 20 acres of this beautiful part of the world with around 1 acre dedicated to growing flowers. 

We experience four true seasons with hot, dry summers and cold, frosty mornings in winter (one of our favorite things about where we live!).

Our proximity to the National Park brings a plethora of birds and other wildlife to the farm. With kangaroos, endangered Grey-crowned Babblers and Diamond firetail finches regular visitors. We are working hard to incorporate more habitat for our local wildlife on farm to support a diverse range of local species and ensure our flowers play their part in a healthy functioning ecosystem.